How to write a new BlogEngine.Net 2.0 theme

in this article i would like to show some basic steps to write a blogengine.Net theme.

there is 3 basic steps to write a theme for blogine

1- Create MasterPage
2- Create PostView.ascx
3- Create CommentView.ascx


- Download the blogengine.Net from (source version),
- Open the solution with visual studio 2010.
- In the Folder “themes” Create a new folder with your theme name, it is preferable to add anything you need in this folder and do not modify any other folder in the site, I will referrers to this folder in this article as your Theme folder

Create your MasterPage theme.

in your theme folder add a new MasterPage call it “site.master” do not try to change the master page name. the name must be “site.master”.

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